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Protective Factors

Learning for Life (LFL) provides personalized home visits with a certified parent educator, health and developmental screenings, help with understanding your child’s behavior and other developmental supports including opportunities to share experiences with other families with children pre-natal to five years.

Learning for Life believes:

  • Children are born learners.
  • Children learn the most from people they love.
  • Parents are the experts on their own children.
  • All parents deserve support in their parenting role.
  • All families have strengths and all parents want to be good parents.

There is no cost for being a participant in the LFL Program.

To learn more about LFL or arranging services go to our website, call 712-644-2220 and ask for a Learning for Life parent educator or email swebb@harrisoncountyhealth.org


Tracy Kelley, M.A., NHA Certified Trainer
The Nurtured Heart Approach┬« (NHA) is a practical, relationship-focused training that helps parents, teachers, and anyone involved in the success of our children learn about connecting with children. With NHA children and adults are equipped to create healthy relationships that energize and support success and positive choices and improve children’s performance ranging from test scores to chores. NHA helps family connectedness, decreases stress and turns upside down the tendency to be quick to correct and slow to praise.

Workshop training is six (six) hours total and can be offered as two (2) three-hour, three (3) two-hour or six (6) one-hour formats.

To learn more about Nurtured Heart Approach workshops and online NHA learning opportunities contact Tracy Kelley at tkelley@woodbine.k12.ia.us or 712-592-0480


The Circle of Security® Parenting program is an eight-week, hour and a half per week, program based on years of research about how to best support and strengthen parent-child relationships. It is designed to help parents give their children a feeling of security and confidence so their children explore, learn, grow, and build positive relationships. Valuable also for foster parents, early childhood educators and staff and other professionals working with the early childhood population, it is offered at:
Heartland Family Service Logan Office
107 N. 4th Avenue, #8/9.
Logan, Iowa 51546

There is a cost and payment differs for each family.

To learn more about the Circle of Security Parenting Series you go to

http://heartlandfamilyservice.org/events/circle-security-parenting-series-2017-06-06/ ,or about when the next series starts and how to register call Lindsay Poore at 712-644-2946.


Nikki Ahart, 1st Five Site Coordinator
HCCMS Family Health Services

The Paper Tigers Program involves the showing of the acclaimed ACEs documentary Paper Tigers combined with a skillfully led audience discussion focused on a better understanding of ACEs in our own community. Filmed in the educational setting of Lincoln Alternative High School in rural Walla Walla, Washington Paper Tigers brings together the sad reality of the negative effect of ACEs on children's everyday behavior, the hope offered by asking not what's wrong with but what's happened to the child and by the developmental science finding that even one caring adult can help break the cycle of adversity in a young person's life. The film is down to earth in its problems, language and kids we've all known at one time or another.
The program is just over two hours long depending on the depth of discussion and is valuable to parents and educators as well as law enforcement, health professionals, clergy and others who care about and for our children. There is no cost for attending and the handouts.

To learn more about the film you can go online to see the trailer at http://kpjrfilms.co/paper-tigers/.

To learn about a showing for your group contact Nikki Ahart, 1st Five Site Coordinator, HCCMS Family Health Services at 712-265-3120 or


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