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About Us

The Harrison County Home & Public Health Department partners with state public health, policymakers, health care providers, business and many others to fulfill our mission to promote physical and mental health and prevent disease, injury, and disability for the residents of Harrison County. Our strategic plan guides us in our efforts:
Strategic Plan

Iowa Administrative Rules require the Harrison County Home & Public Health Department (Department) to provide a quality improvement plan. The plan addresses annual evaluation of the Department, public health programs, and professional development, and include: (1) Written goals, objectives, and performance measures that use appropriate data and are analyzed regularly; (2) Strategies to monitor program and service compliance with local, state, and federal requirements; (3) Evidence that programs and services align with community health priorities; (4) Methods for reporting the outcomes of evaluation to stakeholders; (5) Steps to determine the cost-effectiveness of programs and services. This requirement is primarily reflected in the Department's annual reports:
FY2012 Annual Report (PDF) (Word Version)
FY2011 Annual Report (PDF)
FY2010 Annual Report (PDF)

The Harrison County Home & Public Health Department's organizational chart is a diagram that shows the structure of our organization and the relationships and relative ranks of our parts and positions.
Organizational Chart

Cultural Competency Policy:
The Department shall work to provide services in a culturally competent manner.
Cultural competence means that one understands the role of cultural values, beliefs and behaviors in the development of humans, supports the preservation of cultural ways of being, and works to eliminate cultural, ethnic, racial and sexual orientation bias.
All cultures are openly welcomed and valued, and multiculturalism is appreciated and practiced.
The Department will enhance the value of our work through respectful curiosity of one another s culture and develop a reciprocal relationship of mutual and caring learning.
-We believe that our clients have a culture that guides their behavior.
-We believe that all clients uniquely contribute to the broader community through their culture.
-We believe that our similarities as humans are as important as our cultural differences.
-We believe that learning begins at birth, that learning is life long, and that learning is reciprocal.
-We believe that embracing multi-culturalism will improve our ability to do our work and enhance the value of our work.
-We believe that we can grow an organizational culture that lives these beliefs.