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Serving all of Harrison County, including Dunlap, Little Sioux, Logan, Magnolia, Missouri Valley, Modale, Mondamin, Persia, Pisgah, & Woodbine

To refer a client, arrange services, and for additional information, contact Teresa McCandless, Home Health Nursing Superviser, at 712-644-3738 or tmccandl@harrisoncountyia.org.

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Skilled Home Care Services
Harrison County Home & Public Health provides quality and comprehensive Medicare-certified healthcare services in the comfort and privacy of client s home. Skilled services include:
>Individualized skilled care for medical or surgical clients of all ages as ordered by a physician
>Instruction and evaluation of medication or treatments
>Set up medications
>Pre-fill syringes
>Dressing changes and wound care
>Diet instruction and counseling
>Blood draw for laboratory
>Nursing assessment, monitoring blood pressure, lung auscultation, circulation
>Teaching procedures to patients, family members, and caregivers
>Catheter cares
>Administer and assist with IV treatments, and teach client, family members, and caregivers as needed
>In home physical therapy under physicians orders
>Skilled nursing visits for homebound clients are covered by Medicare. Services also can be billed to Medicaid, private insurance, grants, and private pay (sliding fee scale)
>Well baby visits, newborn assessment, breastfeeding assistance and education

Home Medical Equipment
Harrison County Home & Public Health works closely with durable medical equipment vendors to assure appropriate mobility, and respiratory equipment and education that is provided with physician s orders.

Home Health Aid & Homemakers Services
>Assist with personal cares such as bathing, shampoo, shaving, dressing, etc.
>Provide general home maintenance, such as dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, laundry, etc.
>Provide transportation to medical appointments and for essential errands in Harrison County
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